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Want to try yoga but don't know the difference between downward dog and crow other than they're two completely different animals? Uncomfortable about bending over in tight pants in front of strangers?

I've been there. I get it. Let's talk and find out how to make yoga feel possible and amazing for you.

I love working with people trying to heal from illness. With my history of an autoimmune disorder, I want to help everyone find something that works with their body and helps them heal emotionally and physically.

Looking to ease the pain from autoimmune disease? I'm currently developing an autoimmune health coaching program that will launch in September. Contact me today and we'll get started right away with the Heat Down, Fire UP Breakthrough Session, a free, hour-long coaching sesh.




So who the hell am I? Read on to find out what led me to yoga, healing, and happiness. I promise it's not super corny.

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